Criminal Record Check Form

Please complete and print off the Volunteer Consent to a Criminal Record Check form below and return to the office with the required documentation outlined in the Volunteer Driver Info section of the website.  



ID Requirements:

      • Acceptable Primary Identification
        • B.C. Driver’s License
        • BCID
        • BC Services Card (must have photo)
        • Canadian birth certificate
        • Passport
        • Canadian Citizenship Card
        • Permanent Resident Card
        • Canadian Record of Landing / Canadian Immigration Identification Record
      • Acceptable Secondary Identification
        • School Identification Card (student card)
        • Bank card (only if applicant’s name is on the card)
        • Credit card (only if applicant’s name is on the card)
        • Foreign birth certificate (a baptismal certificate is not acceptable)
        • Canadian or U.S. driver’s license
        • Naturalization certificate
        • Canadian Forces identification
        • Police identification
        • Foreign Affairs Canada or consular identification
        • Vehicle registration (only if applicant’s signature is shown)
        • Picture employee ID card
        • Canadian Firearms License (PAL)
        • Social Insurance Card (new style without signature strip not acceptable)
        • BC Care Card
        • BC Services Card (with or without photo)
        • Secure Certificate of Indian Status
        • Parole Certificate Identification
        • Correctional Service Conditional Release Card