New Classrooms for 2017 – 2018

Welcome back to View Royal. We are excited about beginning a new year and I hope you are too. The first week has been busy with the addition of new staff, opening two new classrooms, and the general organization that comes with the start of a new year.


Our principal focus this week has been the development of classes for the school year. We will have 17 class divisions (we just received a new classroom) with low class size in each. As I discussed in our June parent meeting the organization of our school is with combined classes. While a low number in each class is beneficial for students it is more challenging to place students in the best class to meet their social and learning needs. The staff has spent several hours creating our classes and each child has been individually placed for the best educational experience. There is always a sense of excitement when classes are announced and sometimes disappointment when students (and parents) expectations are not met. Here are a few things to consider.


We placed 321 students in 17 classes with a focus on the best learning environment for each student and several factors are considered and not necessarily in the same way for each child. Many students have the capacity to change classes easily and a small number need support and encouragement. New situations, information, and relationships are at the heart of all learning and we should never underestimate our students and their ability to adapt, learn, and grow.


As the children anxiously await new class placements please remind your child that you have full confidence in them to have a great year where ever they are placed and that you will support them as they learn with a new teacher and class. We are hoping that we will have new classes ready to go by Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Read Jorgensen

Current Principal: Read Jorgensen