Report Card Season

Report cards are coming.  Breathe deeply!  I know the temptation is to first look at the grades.  “A’s, B’s, and C’s” are used in the older grades and the more descriptive terms of “Not yet meeting / Approaching / Meeting / Exceeding expectations” are used in the lower grades.  While this gives parents and students a rough idea of how a student is performing, it is not the whole story.  Descriptions or pictures of what the class is doing are important to set the context for the term, as are comments illuminating their effort, determination, and respect for their learning process as well as the learning of others. These work habits are as important as grades.  It is difficult to put everything into a report card, so if you have any questions about the report or the progress of your child, please contact your teacher.  Reports will be out on December 15th.

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