Help Save the Trees

Our School District Grounds crew were here yesterday to provide further protection to our trees in the nature playground.  Please help get the word out to our students to leave our trees to grow!  Please no touching the orange protection netting or the trees. Thank you!

When Your Child is Sick – Covid-19 Health Check App

“My child has a runny nose, can they still come to school?” “My child has a lingering cough but is completely fine otherwise, can they come to school?” “My child is sick with what I’m pretty sure is just a cold, do we have to get a COVID test?” These… Read more

Strong Start is up and Running by Appointment!

We are delighted to open up the View Royal School location of Strong Start!  There are some changes to support COVID-19 protocols in opening and we thank you for your patience as we set up this program in new ways.  We welcome Miss Ju in Strong Start until Mrs. Cheryl… Read more

View Royal

Welcome to View Royal

View Royal is in the Esquimalt Family of Schools K – 12 and we are in a partnership with our parents and community; working together to develop socially responsible citizens.

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