Chess Club – Once a week you can stop by and find our chess players active and playing in our library.  If you have never played you can check out our Learners chess where some expert chess players will show you how to play and teach you all the skills needed to playing like a pro.  Our chess club runs all year and culminates with our primary and intermediate chess tournament.

Cedar Readers – Each year we host our Cedar Readers for our Grade 4’s and 5’s.  The Red Cedar program British Columbia’s Young Reader’s Choice book award.  Every year, thousands of children between grades 4 and 7 from across the province are invited to read books from the nominated lists of non-fiction and fiction titles and vote for their favourite.

The purpose of the program is threefold:

1. To enrich and broaden students’ reading experiences,

2. To promote literacy through the reading of quality Canadian literature

3. To encourage students’ thoughtful evaluation of these reading materials.

Voting takes place in Late April, and the award winners are announced in May. Students may read books in either the fiction or the non-fiction category (or both if they’re really avid readers!). Two awards are given annually to the book from each list receiving the most votes.